Friday, 13 September 2013

Pete Smith yuppy faggot (Feature Post)

Meet one of the antibogan admins Pete Smith little midget faggot scum of the earth left wing Labor voting fag. This pole smoker has given out peoples addresses and also has had people fired from their employment. Pete Smith was a little too cocky when he said no one could find him them bam his address and details were there. Naturally he denied it all even denying his name and voice were on the message bank.

#pbedit New website has gone viral

#pbedit ahead of the rest Worldwide for meme solutions. 
Eat Shit Pete Smith homo cocksucker Pole smoking faggot Yuppy fuckwit. Modern World Edit can't compete with #pbedit.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Welcome to #pbedit Australia's website launch.

At #pbedit we are changing the meme industry and image editing scene forever. We are setting new benchmarks and when the bar is set we certainly raise it. Contact #pbed via Facebook for all your meme solutions. Pete Smith and his dodgy Modern World Edit can't match our quality style and true art. Come and see what #pbedit Australia can do for you. Worldwide.

More examples of #pbedit's meme solutions.

#pbedit Australia's impressive meme solutions.