Joschua-Brandon: Boehm© aka Peter~Andrew;Nolan© Criminal Conman

Well the criminal conman Loopy pete has decided that since his name Peter~Andrew;Nolan© has been trashed beyond belief he now has decided to make a fake alias Joschua-Brandon: Boehm© to run his new scams such as A-MAN-ZON Crimes against fathers, and the MBA Mens business association. He claims everyone is an ASIO agent because he thinks he is important but we will leave him with his red wine induced delusions. So there you have it the loopy conman woman bashing paedophile Peter-Andrew;Nolan© is now using the fake name of Joschua-Brandon: Boehm© for his scams but this is the first of many more posts about Joschua that is why a whole page has been dedicated on #pbedit's site.


  1. More to come for this story. So much info on Loopy pete this will take time to compile.

  2. He was a friend of a friend on Facebook and I liked a couple of his comments on the friend's page. I was curious what he was whining about with people not supporting his websites. I felt sorry for him and thought I would friend him and found out what his websites were about. That was a huge mistake. This guy sent me links to his websites promoting the hate and for the murder of all western women and children. At first I thought it was satire, but after a few more messages back from him after I requested a friendship, I figured out that the guy was a genuine psychopath. I immediately blocked him and notified my husband of the situation. We both began going through all the websites, pictures, friends, etc. that was related to this psycho in order to find out more about him. He is hated by a lot of people. He threatens men, too. He gloats about being wanted by multiple governments and being locked up in a German prison. Who knows what he did to become a wanted man and to be thrown into a prison. Who knows if this guy has killed children, women, men.....he has a creepy Facebook page with a picture of a child across the top of the page. He doesn't have any pictures of family, friends or children anywhere else on his Facbeook page. This guy needs to be shut down and locked away forever. How do we do that? My husband mentioned something about Interpol? We also suspect that he has multiple Facebook pages posing as other people. One that we are very sure of is at      His contact information: Peter Andrew Nolan has his address and phone number listed in the German White Pages:
    His contact phone numbers are:
    0721 46 72 92 06
    +49 17328 03710
    Looks like an apartment block, but his address is listed as:
    Hedwig-Kettler-Str. 5, 76137 Karlsruhe
    We need to put this sicko away. Apparently, he is also a pedophile. I do not have proof of this, but I do have proof of his death threats to my family for no reason whatsoever. If you are a woman, please do not attempt to friend this man on Facebook. This is especially important if you have children. This man is a psycho.
    He has a screenshot of my Facebook page and has put a hit out on me to his fellow women-haters on his various hate websites.
    If you have any suggestions, if you have also been a victim of his attacks or have any contacts that could help put this person away, please feel free to contact me at If you come out publicly against this psycho, please use an email address and name that can't be traced back to your true identity. If you can go through the Tor Onion Browser, even better. Thankfully, I don't post details of my true identity anywhere on line. I grew up in a family of private investigators. I learned some tricks. Protect yourself and your family from this guy and his cult of haters.,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/hwjduxpxnufqe9tkqhc8.png

  3. nolan hates me too :) I'm luke Mckee

  4. I have done some new research on Gollan, found some scary youtube channels of his kids you may have missed: