Friday, 13 September 2013

#pbedit New website has gone viral

#pbedit ahead of the rest Worldwide for meme solutions. 
Eat Shit Pete Smith homo cocksucker Pole smoking faggot Yuppy fuckwit. Modern World Edit can't compete with #pbedit.


  1. I get an uncontrollable boner every time someone even thinks of this page. And our hits are real. Have you seen Pete's multis on his gay editing page? LOL! Pissing in his own pocket under all these silly names, transparent as all get-out. Even his partner "Alfie " is himself. LOL and of course he is also Audry and a few others. He says he does face-to-face business with people (NOT)
    But I wonder if he'd lie to their faces or would he admit he wants them to do business with someone who doesn't exist? He runs more fake supporters than Nolan,

  2. Sad but true hey I was wondering if it came with the name Pete to be dodgy look at Peter Nolan and look at Pete Smith both are shifty buggers.